007’s watch in new Bond movie No Time To Die

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-No Time To Die-Omega Seamaster 300

Fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting the release of “No Time To Die”, the 25th Bond movie featuring our favorite spy. It was originally planned on November 2019 but due to all kinds of complications the release got pushed forward to April 2 2020.

As far as we know now, it’s Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie and man, do I regret that! According to me he is, despite Sean Connery’s cool, the best Bond ever!

Bond’s finesse

Bond is a man of style, always dressed up to the occasion although you will never see him carrying a suitcase around. He’s not only specific when it comes to cars, champagne and women, but also to the watches he wears.

These watches have all kinds of features proving to be really handy during Bond’s spectacular adventures. They measured radioactivity, detonated bombs, cut ropes, deflected bullets and, of course, opened zippers of ladies’ dresses. In Spectre (2015), “Q” handed him over a new watch upon which Bond asked: “Does it do anything?” “Q” replied with his dry sense of humor: “It tells the time.” Thank God it did a bit more than that, in fact it caused an explosion so Bond could escape from Blofeld, his all-time favorite enemy.

Omega Seamaster

In the upcoming movie, Bond will be wearing a special version of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer. For the first time the design includes input of Mr. Bond himself. Craig specifically wanted the watch to be light and have a vintage look-and-feel. Hence the titanium mesh “Milanese” bracelet.

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-Seamaster-James Bond-007
Picture courtesy of Omega.

Nice touch on the case back: “007” which,of course, speaks for itself, whereas “62,” refers to the year of the very first James Bond film Dr. No.

The watch will be released in February 2020 as a non-limited edition. It will also come in a striped NATO strap.

58 years of Bond watches

Let’s have a look at some watches James wore in his movies. There’s far more to it than just Rolex and Omega!

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-Gruen Precision 510Gruen Precision 510

The first watch we ever saw on James’ wrist. Nice detail: it probably came from Sean Connery’s private collection. The watch was produced in Cincinnati, USA.
Value of this watch: approximately $250,00

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-The Rolex Oyster Perpetual SubmarinerThe Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

First worn in Dr. No (1962), the Submariner 6538, aka “The Bond Rolex”. Because of that, it doesn’t come cheap.
Value of this watch: approximately $100.000,00+.

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-hamilton-pulsarHamilton Pulsar P2/2900 “Astronaut”

The first digital watch ever worn by James in Live and let die. Technically quite advanced.
Value of this watch: approximately $1000,00.


Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-Breitling Top TimeBreitling Top Time Chronograph

Slightly modified by Q: he added a Geiger-counter. This specific watch did about $160.000 at an auction.
Value of the watch: approximately $2.500,00.


Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-Tag Heuer Professional 200MTag Heuer Professional 200M

Worn by Timothy Dalton’s 1987 at his debut in The Living Daylights.
Value of the watch: approximately $1.500,00.


Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-Omega Seamaster 1995 Omega Seamaster

From 1995, Pierce Brosnan started to wear Omega and Craig continued wearing them. In Spectre, the last movie, Craig was spotted wearing a Vintage Omega Chronograph Caliber 321.
Value of the watch: from $2.000,00.

New James, new watch?

No time to die is Craigs last James Bond movie. Who will replace him? Rumor has it the new 007 will be female … how does that sound? And what watch will she wear? So far, James has stayed away from smart watches showing number of steps or incoming emails. Maybe that will change as well!


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