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Bernard Beekmans, our local hero in World War 2

Soldier Bernard Beekmans is the only resident of Best to ever receive a Military Order of Willemsorde. And that is really something we should...
Art route Best 2018

Art route Best welcomes more artists

The art route will be held May 12 and 13. Since last year, new 11 participants signed up. Now, the route leads you past...
Agriturismo La Sovana

Agriturismo La Sovana, Tuscany

I was never the type to go in holiday at exactly the same spot. But when it comes to La Sovana ... that's a...
Agriturismo Pronto Campi

Agriturismo Pronto Campi, Le Marche

Three years ago, one of my favourtie colleagues Aad left with his entire family for Le Marche in Italy. They landed in the Urbino...
Harapan Foundation

Harapan foundation, small but powerful

The Harapan Foundation may be small but they know their job. They are established in Best (The Netherlands) and support small-scale aid projects in...
breezand zeeland

Dutch coast of Zeeland, relax in the old fashioned way

When I want to go to the beach it takes me at least one hour and a half to get there.  And then I...
Solar Panels

June 7: Presentation on solar panel project De Groene Zone now at Quatre Bras!

June 7th an information meeting will be organized by the municipality about the solar panel project De Groene Zone. Due to the large number...
GDPR don't panic

GDPR May 25th 2018: should you really worry that much?

Huge fines, when you're not compliant! So get ready! It's all over the news and a lot of consultants, lawyers and accountants scare the...

BestDuurzaam: sustainability initiatives by citizens

BestDuurzaam is an energy co-op staffed by skilled volunteers. They advise residents of Best in order to reach an energy-neutral and waste-free Best in...
bokashi starter set

Bokashi: a perfect way to recycle your leftovers

Of course you can throw all leftovers in the trashbin. But how about recycling them into food supplements or animal and plant nutrition? The...