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Bestwijzer 10th anniversary

Celebration time for BestWijzer!

Last Sunday Bestwijzer invited all people of Best to a free brunch to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. BestWijzer supports residents of Best in questions...

Bottled works of art by Tom Olša

Not a message in a bottle, but a ship ... Ever wondered how it got in there anyway? I did and luckily I ran...
massimo dutti

Massimo Dutti, stylish and not too expensive

The first time I stepped inside a Massimo Dutti store I was convinced it was an Italian brand. But my niece Marilyn told me...
Raindrops foundation

Recycling rain-water

Generating your own energy, recycling the waste, as a citizen you can arrange all that yourself. But when it comes to water, it is...
jago lachmeijer

Jago hops from one cloud to the next

Well, in his glider obviously. He actually wanted to become a pilot. So his dad arranged a couple of flying lessons in a sailplane. Jago...