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Carnival 2019: a special song for babyboomers!

Baby boomers, a frequently heard term. It is about children who were born during the "Babyboom", between 1946 and 1956. Everyone had faith again...
Christmas Radio Show Beste Wilma

Christmas Radio Show Beste Wilma Omroep Best December 24 and 26 december 10.00 a.m.

A special Christmas episode of Beste Wilma, on December 24 and 26, 10 a.m. Of course I would like to play special Christmas songs, not...
Het Goed Kringloopwarenhuis


Black Friday retailers start boosting sales by offering attractive discounts because of the Holiday Season. They make huge turnovers and actually secure their profit...
Monumentale Postbodes uit Best

Wait a minute Mr. Postmen!

As i mentioned the beginning of this week, I recently interviewed two REAL AUTHENTIC postmen from the past! Nico Vogels and Hein van Elderen...
benkske best provinciale staten

Present for Best because of 200 years anniversary 2019: “Brabant’s Benkske”

Provinciale Staten North Brabant thought of a nice present for Best" a so-called Social Sofa. Arnoud Reijnen, spokesperson for the king's commissioner, simply calls...
Koetshuis garden Best

Koetshuistuin Best not a park anymore?

There is a lot of hassle in Best since the municipal council decided to lower the noice standard to 75 decibels. This has quite...
wooden clog industry Best

Giant clog welcomes visitors of Best

As chairman of the heritage association Dye van Best, Harrie van Vroenhoven is of course very interested in the history of Best. He is...
Heritage platform Dye van Best invites you to attend a historical lecture presented by Aad Engelfriet, on the subject of witch hunts in the Renaissance-era. In 1595 at least 16 women were strangled and burnt in one week team! It all happened close to our home on the Strabrechtse moor. The men behind all this: Erasmus van Grevenbroek, Lord of Mierlo and Lierop en Bernard van Merode Lord of Asten). They even arrested the servant of the local pastor! Lucky for her, the pastor managed to talk to the bishop thus preventing her from getting on a woodpile. Between 1600 and 1700 between 40.000 up to 100.00 people were chased. How could this happen? Did the church play a role in all this? Aad Engelfriet will fill us in on all details. He will also explain us where superstition comes from, like the fabulous number 13 or black cats for instance. When it comes to witches, many people have Walt Disney and fairy tales of the Grimm brothers in mind. There are also people calling themselves "Wicca" while referring to Druids and Bards. Aad is a well known specialist on Dutch and European history. His studies are often used as reference material. Access to the lecture: FREE!

Event: Lecture Witch-hunts in Brabant, November 13 8 pm Prinsenhof Best

Heritage platform Dye van Best invites you to attend a historical lecture presented by Aad Engelfriet, on the subject of witch hunts in the...