4 men biking to Rome. Day 1 and day 2

Ad, Henk, Wil en Jan fietsen naar Rome

The day of departure
This morning, we left a little late. It’s nice that so many people came over to wish us a good trip. The pastor was also there. I have read the report that Wilma Vervoort wrote on Facebook. Nice to read. She barely made notes, but the story reads very smoothly.

We are now in Bella Italia in Eupen. Deliciously food, good salads, pizzas and spaghetti. Have traveled 150km. The beginning of the trip was a bit boring, to the crossing of the Meuse, then the Mergelland route, passed Valkenburg, fortunately we didn’t have to climb the Cauberg!

Now it really starts! Further through south Limburg, Gulpen, Slenaken, then Belgium, through the Voerstreek. We pass St Pieters Voeren, Fouron St Pierre, take a stop at the American War Cemetery at Henry Chapelle, then cycle on to Eupen. The youth hostel is brand new. We was our pants and hang them out on the terrace to dry, got ourselves a beer and then drove off to the center. Bea and Theo also like it. Tomorrow we have to say goodbye.

Day 2
We all had a good sleep! Great beds. The wine at the Italian also did the trick. Well, everything there tasted delicious!
We have  breakfast at 0745. Together with a group of kids who are on a school camp. Breakfast is simple: bread, ham and cheese, jam and pasta. Bed and breakfast € 26 per person. There are people who only pay that for breakfast!

The first part we still bike with Bea and Theo. Until the Wesertalsperre, a reservoir, and then a little further to Monschau. There we say goodbye. They drive back through Monschau to Maastricht, we are heading for the south. We drive through the Vennbahn, a beautiful cycle route through the High Fens, on or next to an old railway line. The bike path is in excellent condition; It is very clearly indicated when you approach crossroads, and what is really ideal: the path runs almost horizontally.

Left and right you can see the hills but we do not need to climb ourselves. The path is also very quiet. Every now and then we pass a couple. She’s wearing a white helmet, he’s wearing a black one, must be Germans. We also meet real trekkers with trekking bikes and waterproof bags at both their wheels.

After about 40 km, the road crosses into a stony road. We manage to keep our tyres safe and sound. At Sankt Vith we get to Bakkerij Fonk, good choice. Delicious sandwich and coffee. Then we continue towards Vianden. The landscape changes, it becomes more tidy with beautiful fertile slopes. Luxembourg is also very clean and the villages are quiet.

For Jan it’s not calm enough though. He is annoyed because of our nonchalant driving behavior. We sometimes stumble over. He tells us extensively that this is very dangerous.
He is right. But we want to move on and surely people will get it that we’re heading to Rome!

We are facing a climb and then another is coming up at Dasburg according to Wil. Fortunately, that’s a descent. But a steep one!  I’m glad my bike is alright! Wil has adjusted the derailleur yesterday. I wanted to lend him my tools, but he was far too proud of his Swiss knife knife.

In Vianden we first get some brown beers on a terrace on the Ourte. And then we have to bike for one and a half kilometers on a 10% steep hill to the youth hostel.
We must not drink beers when we still have to climb!
Our sleeping address is a real youth hostel! There is a whole group of 12 year olds arriving just after us.  No peace and quiet!
We are going to eat now.


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