Agriturismo La Sovana, Tuscany

Agriturismo La Sovana

I was never the type to go in holiday at exactly the same spot. But when it comes to La Sovana … that’s a different story. I think I stayed there 6 or 7 times in 10 years.

The first time I got there was back in 1996, we went to Italy for three weeks (late August, early September) and had booked three different locations. That meant a lot of packing and unpacking because we had a 3 year old toddler with us … Our last destination was La Sovana and, already it was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, I immediately regretted the fact we couldn’t stay there for another 3 weeks.

Giuseppe immediately walked up to our car with a big umbrella, picked our child from the back seat and said we had to leave all our stuff in the car. We first had to eat! We felt at home immediately.

Of course the location is beautiful. Really beautiful. The food is delicious. Also the homemade wine and olive oil. But it is mainly the Olivi family itself that makes you want to come back there every year.

There are both apartments and hotel rooms for rent, all uniquely decorated with lots of antiques. Giovanella, the lady of the house, has a fine eye for detail, when it comes to decoration as well as food.

All food is made fresh. You can not eat a la carte. Every morning, the black board outside shows the dinner of the day and all you have to do is register. There is a pizza evening for instance but also a bistecca fiorentina-evening and that evening the restaurant is packed! This famous Italian steak is prepared in the wood oven, served with fresh olive oil and truffle. Giuseppe dishes it out in person and believe me, he knows how to do it!

Nearby is a fantastic supermarket where you can buy everything should you want to cook yourself (if you are in an apartment of course).

If you want to visit a city you can go to Montepulciano, Sarteano or Chiusi. Chiusi has a trainstation where you can jump on the train to Rome, Sienna and Florence. In about 2 hours you are in the centre of those beautiful cities.

If you’re more of the sporty type, go biking or hiking in the neighbourhood. Or play tennis on the park itself. Of course there is a swimming pool, a hot tub and also a pond where you can fish.

When it comes to entertainment, Giuseppe knows how to arrange that as well. He gets these bands and singers in and will get everybody on the dance floor!

In short: amazing place! But fully booked in high season, so you must be quick if you want to go there!


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