Bokashi: a perfect way to recycle your leftovers

bokashi starter set
Met dank aan Bokashi

Of course you can throw all leftovers in the trashbin. But how about recycling them into food supplements or animal and plant nutrition? The Bokashi-system does that in an easy and 100% natural way.

Bokashi originates from Japan. It’s about fermenting leftovers by adding effective micro organisms. May sound complicated, but in fact, it is not. Just buy a Bokashi-set and you’re ready to go. The Bokashi-set is in fact a bucket with a little tap at the bottom plus a package of the micro organisms.

You put the leftovers in the bucket (you must cut them into somewhat smaller pieces first) add the organisms and then the whole fermentation process starts. After a while, you can use the tap to take the fluid out. You can just drink that, straight up. Or feed it to your plants and animals. The leftovers itself can be used as fertilizer in your garden. All 100% pure and biological.

In case you have a pond in your garden, you can put the fluid in there as well to keep the water clear and the water climate balanced.

Tom Lassing from Best is a huge fan of Bokashi. He claims he hasn’t thrown out leftovers for years already.


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