Carnival 2019: a special song for babyboomers!


Baby boomers, a frequently heard term. It is about children who were born during the “Babyboom”, between 1946 and 1956. Everyone had faith again after the second world war and the stork made overtime. As many as 2.4 million Baby Boomers were born in the Netherlands. And soon they will have their own carnival song!

“That was about time”, according to Emil Peijnenburg, also called The Babyboomer. He is the composer as well as the singer of the Babyboomers-song that will be launched on January 12 during Lampengats Liedjesfist. “I was asked by fellow baby boomers to write a real Carnival song, à la Wim Kersten. Because that kind of songs are about to disappear. ”

Carnaval songs

Modern carnival music, the baby boomer does not appreciate it. According to Emil it is just a BEAT and the lyrics are poor. “These songs will never last!”

“But the authentic carnival songs, some of them are 40 years old, will always stay in everyone’s head.” “Bloemetjesgordijn”, “Bij ons staat op de keukendeur”, just some examples of those songs. They are the real evergreens! The melody! And let’s not forget the brilliant lyrics.

When Emil was composing the song and sang it for his grandson the inital respons was: “Absolutely nothing Grandpa!” But later, when the real music was added to the lyrics, it became quite a different story; suddenly it was “COOL! Grandpa!”! And that is a nice bonus to all of it. Because now the song will also establish the connection between young and old, because they will all sing it together at the same Carnival party!

Emil’s history

Music is Emil’s great hobby. As a drummer he was out on stage with Tony Bass playing good old songs like “Ik ben met jou niet getrouwd” en “Gina Lolobrigida”. “Those are also songs that will be remembered by people.”

He also started to compose songs himself and he’s still good at it. He makes up the melody “in his head” and then starts singing it on his son’s smartphone. Otherwise he will obviously forget about it. Then he starts changing the small details: “A little bit higher or a little but lower”.  Once he is happy about it, the song is sent to a professional studio where it will be mixed and produced. “It has now become exactly as I hoped for” says Peijnenburg.

The photo of this article is from Sandra van Leuken photography. For more information about Emil and his carnival song, visit


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