Rental apartments Molenstraat Best

New development rental apartments Molenstraat Best

About 2 weeks ago BurgtBouw (Deurne) started with the groundwork of 36 very energy-efficient apartments that will be completed in mid-2019. It concerns a...

Procession St. Odulphus and crowded open air mass in Best

Sint Odulphus was the first Dutch saint from origin.  The parish in Best which is named after him, honours him each year with a...
Bestwijzer 10th anniversary

Celebration time for BestWijzer!

Last Sunday Bestwijzer invited all people of Best to a free brunch to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. BestWijzer supports residents of Best in questions...

Bottled works of art by Tom Olša

Not a message in a bottle, but a ship ... Ever wondered how it got in there anyway? I did and luckily I ran...
Raindrops foundation

Recycling rain-water

Generating your own energy, recycling the waste, as a citizen you can arrange all that yourself. But when it comes to water, it is...
jago lachmeijer

Jago hops from one cloud to the next

Well, in his glider obviously. He actually wanted to become a pilot. So his dad arranged a couple of flying lessons in a sailplane. Jago...

Bernard Beekmans, our local hero in World War 2

Soldier Bernard Beekmans is the only resident of Best to ever receive a Military Order of Willemsorde. And that is really something we should...
Harapan Foundation

Harapan foundation, small but powerful

The Harapan Foundation may be small but they know their job. They are established in Best (The Netherlands) and support small-scale aid projects in...

BestDuurzaam: sustainability initiatives by citizens

BestDuurzaam is an energy co-op staffed by skilled volunteers. They advise residents of Best in order to reach an energy-neutral and waste-free Best in...

Pleinbest: Connecting people

Pleinbest is a place to meet up on the internet. "We hope residents, entrepreneurs and social organizations will be able to find each other and...