Celebration time for BestWijzer!

Bestwijzer 10th anniversary

Last Sunday Bestwijzer invited all people of Best to a free brunch to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

BestWijzer supports residents of Best in questions or problems in the area of ​​Care, Welfare and Housing. All kinds of organizations are gathered together in one building and that’s why questions are adequately answered and  help is provided quickly.

Nicole Mallant is coördinator at Bestwijzer: “In the past, these organisations were not used to working together. Sometimes they didn’t even know each other! That lead to complicated situations. The municipality then came up with the Bestwijzer-concept. Almost all institutions work in the same building and the employees are working criss-crossed rather than sitting in separate offices.  That way, they really get to know each other. ”

And the concept works! Bestwijzer scores 8 on a scale from 1 tot 10 and also the employees are raving about the way they can work together. A lot of municipalities have already visited to see whether this concept could work for them as well. Similar initiatives have been developed in Leusden and Boxtel, but Bestwijzer is still one of a kind.

Mallant continues: “We are now approaching outside agencies as well so we can offer an even more slick service to our residents. We also look into the possibility to work in the neighbourhoods themselves, closer to the people.”

The building becomes a bit too small and there were rumours Bestwijzer was going to move to the Town Hall. But that’s exactly what it is: a rumour. No concrete plans in that direction.

During the anniversary year there will be some special activities. Want to know more about it? Please take a look at their website.


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