Christmas Radio Show Beste Wilma Omroep Best December 24 and 26 december 10.00 a.m.

Christmas Radio Show Beste Wilma

A special Christmas episode of Beste Wilma, on December 24 and 26, 10 a.m.
Of course I would like to play special Christmas songs, not that same old Chris Rea or Bandaid songs you hear everywhere.

And … I would love to tell nice and beautiful stories, maybe hilarious Christmas anecdotes; I can imagine these things will occur in every family! So Christmas bloopers are also welcome. And of course I am looking for a nice guest with a story worthy of Christmas!

So, then I thought: why don’t I just ask the listeners what they would like? So … what would you like to hear? What kind of stories? What kind of music?

Do you know or are you someone with a beautiful story that would fit into my Christmas program? I just LOVE to hear from you! Recordings most probably on Wednesday 12 or 19 December at 9 pm in CultuurSpoor Best.

Send me a mail or a DM thru Facebook!


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