My Content Writing Services:

As a child I already wrote stories for the school newspaper. I have always been writing over the years. I have filled numerous diaries and I am one of those rare types who loves to write Santa Claus poems or songs for weddings and parties.

Nowadays I work as a correspondent for Eindhovens Dagblad, I recently launched my own news site and also started to focus on writing content for the internet.

Writing blogs:

SEO Content Writer BestBlogs play an important role in search engine optimization. At least, if they are unique in terms of content and contain the right keywords. Even the title must be SEO based. That’s what we call SEO content writing.

Today, the search engines check whether the text is well-written and logical. Only then it will be indexed which means you will show up in search results. Of course, we can do the research on SEO keywords and -phrases. Our writing services include the drafting of blogs with important SEO support to help you achieve an optimal online presence.

Content Writer BestWriting website content:

Great website content is what search engines look for and what users appreciate. Easy-to-read content containing the right key words and key phrases will do the trick. Nowadays, search engines look at the entire context. When website content is well written, search engines reward them by ranking them higher. This means higher traffic, which ultimately translates to more revenue. Obviously, we will take the GDPR-rules and regulations into consideration.

Content Writing BestTranslations:

Translating Dutch texts into English or the other way around. Also now, SEO content writing is important. We use as many keywords as possible but make sure the content is written in a smooth and coherent way including keywords to enable higher SEO rankings, content must also be unique and not duplicated. This way it will be indexed to target the right audience so your website or blog post found be found by users searching for your keywords.

Press releases:

I write short yet powerful press releases and make sure they appear in Google News. That way, your website or post links will be indexed and it will rank high in search engine results. A press release can be about anything, it does not have to be world news to put you or your organization on the map. It is a combination of writing SEO content and smart publishing.

SEO Content Writing BestArticles / columns about specific topics

You specify a topic, with or without the necessary background information. Together we discuss the details that relate to this specific assignment. Is it meant for online or offline publication, or both? Again, the specific qualities of me as a SEO text writer come in handy. You specify a topic, with or without the necessary background information (which means that I will have to do some research). Together we discuss the details relating to this specific assignment.

Proofreading, editing

It remains difficult to evaluate your own text objectively or to discover small mistakes. If it is intended for online use, there is also another dimension to it: the use of the right keywords so that it becomes real “SEO content”. Think of manuals, reports, quotations, presentations, etc.

Creating vlogs:

Vlogs are extremely popular, if they go “viral” you will get a lot of exposure and chances are big other people will now start following you. A short interview is an excellent way to clarify what you have to offer. This can be a story about how you deliver specific services, or how a certain product works. The description used when publishing the video naturally contains the right keywords again.

Content Writers BestConducting interviews:

An interview with a supplier, a satisfied customer or yourself can really lead to a surprising article. Or to an explicit video showing where you stand for, how you deal with your customers or how your services are valued. The description used when publishing the video obviously contains the specific keywords again.

Expressions on social media channels:

A few sentences to publish a blog or vlog, post a short and powerful “post”, create a page on Facebook or LinkedIn for example. But it might just as well be on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. As long as all is SEO-content-proof.

Seo ContentResearch on the right key words and key phrases:

Being recognised by search engines would generates a lot of traffic to your site or social media channels. To achieve this, the right keywords and key phrases need to be addressed. We can investigate and determine the right key words and key phrases applicable to your business.

Research into the performance of your website /-shop:

For this I work together with a team of experts in this area. They will check all aspects of your website and use special tools to measure performance and ranking in relationship to your competition. They will also examine how the site is set up and whether it is in compliance with the new GDPR privacy legislation