Dutch coast of Zeeland, relax in the old fashioned way

breezand zeeland

When I want to go to the beach it takes me at least one hour and a half to get there.  And then I would be in Bloemendaal or Zandvoort for instance. But I’d rather spend an extra half hour allowing me to go to my favourite coast: Zeeland! More specifically: Vrouwenpolder, holiday park Breezand 1.

I prefer to be in Breezand 1, because it is still authentic. The houses are not too fancy, no wild water parks and large supermarkets. Actually, the park offers more or less nothing, except the houses themselves.  Well, there is a nice Mexican restaurant close by. But to be honest, I just love the fact there is not too much going on.

As soon as you leave the park you enter the dunes and a little walk then takes you straight to the beach. Not a glamourous thing going on there either! Applepie and the specific Zeeuwse bolussen (a local sticky pastry). So in fact, you could say all is a bit dull and old fashioned for sure. As if time has stood still But it’s so realaxing!

When you want to visit a city, Middelburg or Vlissingen are close at hand. Middelburg has a very nice big square with lots of restaurants and bars. Nics shops too! For instance Omoda Shoes.

The first time I visited Breezand 1 I was together with my son, a long time ago. We really had a fantastic time together. Many years later I wanted to go out for the weekend and I quickly booked some accomodation in Zeeland. When I arrived there late at night it all looked so familiar but it was really dark so I couldn’t put my finger on it why I had this deja vu-thing. But then I woke up the next morning and discovered I was at exactly the same place where I had been with my son many, many years ago.

From that day on, Breezand is my most favourite spot on the dutch coast. There is a Jumbo supermarket and a cozy bakery. Also some cozy restaurants, all within walking distance.

Wanna take a look at their website? Just click here. They also rent out small beach houses.


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