The art route will be held May 12 and 13. Since last year, new 11 participants signed up. Now, the route leads you past 24 different locations and 33 artists.

It is already the sixth time the Art Route is organized in Best. Thea de Bruin, one of the board members, says: “At the time I ran a gallery in Best I was approached by artists asking me whether I wanted to take over the organization of the Art Route. And of course I wanted to do that. There are so many creative people in Best who make beautiful things yet the possibilities to exhibit their artworks are quite limited. The Art Route adds a whole new dimension to that. ”

Artists who register are balled by the board. “We look at their work, whether they have a website, that sort of things” De Bruin says. Virtually all art forms are on display like paintings, sculptures, textile works and photography.

There are not only passionate amateurs there but also (semi) professionals. “It is of course very nice if you can sell a piece. But mostly, the artists just love to show their work and talk about the techniques.”

During the month of May, an overview exhibition of all participating artists will be held at Cultuurbank.¬†Want to know more about this year’s Art Route? Check their website or Facebook page.


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