Het Goed Kringloopwarenhuis

Black Friday retailers start boosting sales by offering attractive discounts because of the Holiday Season. They make huge turnovers and actually secure their profit so they are no longer in the “RED” back in the “Black”. Hence Black Friday (cause it always starts the day after Thanksgiving-thursday).

In response, Het Goed announces: GREEN FRIDAY. The recycling warehouses will launch this November 23. They want to make consumers more aware of the fact that 2nd hand-shopping is not only fun and cheap but that it also generates a lot of CO2 savings. No less than 1 kilo of CO2 savings comes along with every kilo of reused items!

The CO2-savings realised by Het Goed in 2018 are huge and determined for 2018. This undoubtedly impressive number will be officially unveiled on Green Friday November 23. Then, alderman Stan van der Heijden will receive the CO2 compensation check at 3 pm on behalf of the municipality of Best.

Green Friday runs from Thursday 22 to Monday 26 November. It will be the greenest long shopping weekend of the year.

<strong>Raising consumers</strong>

Black Friday is known for the huge amount of new stuff bought by consumers. This results in considerable pollution but most people don’t realize that. Not only because of the production of it but also because of the transport that usually takes place via container ships. Sixteen mega container ships provide just as much pollution as all cars in the world. Just imagine if a few less container ships would travel the ocean!

Again a good action from Het Goed! They are known for the good work they do in the area of ​​reuse and recycling. But in addition to that they also offer employment to all kinds of people who do not easily get started elsewhere. Those people can then either work at Het Goed OR get “prepared” to start working for another employer.

Ad Vogels will be interviewed in radioshow Beste Wilma, which will be broadcasted thru Omroep Best on November 19 and 21 at 10.00 am.


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