How to change my life?

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So, here I am again. I have received quite a few responses on the Menopause Magician kick-off I published about a week ago. I admit, it’s a hell of a story. But I wanted to tell you where I’m coming from and why I am doing what Im doing. It’s not because I am bored or want to get everyone’s undivided attention. I started all this because it was really necessary. Well, apparently that message has landed and now we don’t need to talk about it anymore 😊

How to change my life

Menopause Magician-Content writing-Copy Writer-Wilma Vervoort-savingsOnce I decided I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore, it was time to figure out how I could change that. I felt I had to take significant steps in order to make it work.
Of course I knew where it all started: MY FINANCIAL BUFFERS WERE GONE LEAVING ME NO BREATHING SPACE. Even my piggy bank was angry!

So I had to either make significantly more money or cut back even more. To make more money you need to go out and look for better jobs. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do that since I was constantly working at very low hourly rates. The only thing I could really cut back on? The monthly rent I paid for my house.

Expensive rent

Finding a cheaper home would take forever. Subletting was not allowed according to the contract. But even if my landlord would approve, to whom could I sublet in the first place? And I really do appreciate my privacy. The perfect solution would be if I could rent out the house everytime I would stay in South Africa.

Man, that was a great idea. I would hit two birds with one stone: Not only would I save 6 months’ rent, I could use a part of that money to pay my tickets to Africa! But still there were a lots of if’s and but’s. First of all, would my landlord allow me to do it and second: how would I find someone who only needed a house for 3 months?

And then I got it! I took a different approach. If I would quit the lease on my house I obviously would not have a roof over my head. But only for 6 months a year. The other 6 I would stay with Nic in South-Africa. So I only needed to look for a place to stay for 6 months. Two times 3 months to be exact.

Content-Writing-opy Writer-Wilma-Vervoort-Interactive-Acts-Menopaue Magician-BenefitsBenefits

I tell you now: just the IDEA as such already caused so much relief. The answer to the question: How can I change my life? was right there looking at me. By quitting my house and saving all that money. In a flash I realized what all that would mean:

  1. I would need far less money so I could afford to say NO to poorly paid, annoying jobs
  2. I would have time to find better-paid jobs. And I just felt that would make a difference. I could afford to say no to clients I didn’t like. And I was sure that would make negotiations much easier.
  3. I would have the time to figure out what I would what I would like to do in future. Do I want to keep on writing? Or can I come up with a brilliant business idea?
  4. I could get rid of all the stuff I collected throughout the years. Stuff I never used anymore. I had cabinets full of books, clothes, DVDs, CDs, trinkets, linen. Old furniture. Shoes and handbags I never wore or really used.

You can summarize all four points in one word: FREEDOM

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