Massimo Dutti, stylish and not too expensive

massimo dutti

The first time I stepped inside a Massimo Dutti store I was convinced it was an Italian brand. But my niece Marilyn told me it was Spanish. In my opinion it really has the Italian style and the sizes fit much better than those of regular Spanish brands.

Whether you want to dress smart or just casual does not matter, you will find everything there. Clothing, shoes, bags, belts and … all really beautiful! It is all sold at a reasonable price, especially given the quality they provide. But what I like most is the fact it is not thirteen-in-a-dozen stuff.

Furthermore, everything is well presented. You immediately see which clothes go together nicely rather than having to rund back and forth through the store to figure out combinations yourself. I even subscribed to their newsletter and yes, you’ll get one every day … but BE-AU-TI-FUL! And especially when sales season starts it is difficult to resist.

One of their most popular items is a short leather jacket, it comes in different colors made of soft leather with very nice lining. If you’re lucky enough to get one of those during sales season … YES! I did manage to get hold of a blue one and it has become on of my absolute favourites.

And, last but not least, their “women’s suits” as I call them. Slim fit jackets and trousers, just the perfect business outfit. So I’m always frantically looking for those during sales as well.

There are seven stores in the Netherlands, spacious fitting rooms, also nice, and very professional staff, never intrusive. And then their webshop! Beautiful packaging, clothing is wrapped in blotting paper. Also nice, hey pay back your money promptly should you want to return the items.

Oh yes, I am a huge fan! While I’m typing this blog I quickly checked out their webshop and  there it was! A stunning linnen suit!


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