Municipality reaches out to inhabitants

Digital panel inhabitants Best

The municipality of Best has developed a number of initiatives
to get more contact and work closely together with the inhabitants.

In April of this year Pleinbest was launched, an online neighborhood platform in which
residents and organizations can share information and
find each other.

The kick-off of the new online residents panel took place June 7. Each resident has received
a letter explaining what the intention of that panel is. They also received a log-in code to get
acquainted with this tool. Of course you can also immideately sign up as a panel member.
You will then be invited to complete an online questionnaire several times a year.

The first (introductory) survey is about sound. How do you, as a resident,
experience the sound in your living environment? Furthermore, issues such as road safety,
landscaping, budget cuts will be discussed. In short: matters on which the municipality makes decisions and
takes choices affecting the inhabitants.

The municipality does not carry out the polls themselves,
they have hired an independent agency for this: I & O Research.


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