Needs for Children in Cameroon, run by Kim from Best – Noord-Brabant


It all began with an internship in Cameroon. She felt so impressed that she knew she would return after she finished school. And so she did. At the end of 2010 she went back to Cameroon, the poor English part of the country.

Kim worked in small local hospitals and did all kinds of stuff that in Holland would never be possible: she assisted at surgeries, child births, you name it! “There are not too many rules there” according to Kim. She noticed there was not much help, or rather: no help at all, for children with medical problems without parents or family and/or without money.

After a year’s work, she decided to set up a foundation to help those children: Needs for Children.  “But I did not manage to do that on my own of course. Without my mum, it never would have taken off. She just started to organize everything over here. found a lot of volunteers and she just kept on going.”

“At the hospital where I used to work, there was a very tiny office for me to use. I used to run the foundation from there. But, if the hospital needed me, of course I would help them out as well”. For free, since Kim lived on her savings. As soon as the savings ran out, she just flew back to Holland, worked there for a couple of months until she had enough cash, and then she went back.

The Foundation is really thorough. “We use to help just every child, but sometimes, that just did not work out and we would spend a lot of money. Now, we first look at the circumstances. Can the family at least do something? Because, at some point, they must be able to take over! And obviously, if a child really needs help and there’s no family, of course we will jump in.”

You never have to wonder where the collected funds remain. Kim makes this perfectly clear on the website. “Our annual reports are completely transparent and out in the open. All money goes directly to the children in Cameroon.”
In order to raise money, she organizes second-hand clothing parties. People bring their second-hand clothes to Kim so they can sell it. Not only during the parties, but also at De Bloemerie on the Julianaweg in Best. This shop has offered Kim display areas for clothes and bags. And of course, it can be bought there as well.

“People really like to buy something and thus contribute to a charity. But to just give money … that’s when they become reluctant. To ask for big fundings is also not really Kim’s thing: “It just takes too long! For one reason or the other, we always need money instantly! Something suddenly pops up and we have to help out. However, the foundation managed to build a large orphanage in Cameroon last year.” Yes, that also had to be done quickly! But we did it!”

Do ​​you have any clothes you want to get rid of? Or …  do you want to make a contribution? Check out the website and contact Kim!


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