Pleinbest: Connecting people


Pleinbest is a place to meet up on the internet.

“We hope residents, entrepreneurs and social organizations will be able to find each other and start sharing things so we all know what is hot and happening in Best. And when that happens, people may find it’s sometimes quite attractive to work together and organise things together”.

Tom Lassing is one of the volunteers who set up Pleinbest. He hopes the local municipality will also use it as a vehicle for their residents panel.

Both residents and organizations can register and present themselves at Pleinbest. But not just to promote themselves, they need to bring some real content to the table. “As an entrepreneur, for example, you can give tips and tricks people can really benefit from.”

As soon as you have registered on the site, you can decide yourself which information you want to receive, specifically focussed at your own neighbourhood. Click here if you want to find out more about Pleinbest.


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