Present for Best because of 200 years anniversary 2019: “Brabant’s Benkske”

benkske best provinciale staten

Provinciale Staten North Brabant thought of a nice present for Best” a so-called Social Sofa. Arnoud Reijnen, spokesperson for the king’s commissioner, simply calls it “n Benkske!”.

Arnoud explains what it is: “A “benkske” is a concrete sofa, executed in red and white mosaic, on the back you can find the proclaiming weapon. We donate “benkskes” to municipalities or villages celebrating an impressive jubilee, and Best is certainly doing that next year! They celebrate their 200 birthday”.

Why “Benkse” and not the offical name Social Sofa? According to Reijnen Brabant is known for “buurten”, which means in fact “people chatting with each other”. And the best place to do that is on “n benkske”, in fact: a small bench. It will be placed on a beautiful spot where people can enjoy the view. And then you will automatically start talking to each other.”

People feel safer and less lonely in a neighborhood where they know people and actually meet each other. That is the whole idea behind the social sofa. The social sofa was conceived by Karin Bruers, entrepreneur, comedian, presenter and writer. She thinks it’s important that people speak to each other “real time” instead of just through social media. “When you know your neighbors, you feel safer and more confident” according to Karin.

It is also nice that these sofas are made by people who have a certain limitation. It comes with a nice red / white checkered design, like the Brabant flag. When it will be installed is not yet known, but of course that will take place in 2019, when Best celebrates her 200 year anniversary.


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