New development rental apartments Molenstraat Best

Rental apartments Molenstraat Best

About 2 weeks ago BurgtBouw (Deurne) started with the groundwork of 36 very energy-efficient apartments that will be completed in mid-2019. It concerns a mix of social and free sector rental housing.

“This investor only invests in super-sustainable homes,” says Roy Heynen of BurgtBouw. “In fact, our first questions about a project are always about sustainability. That’s why we quickly found each other. We have managed to build much more energy-efficient than the Ministry’s building decree prescribes. That is why we have also been able to win this project, in cooperation with Cedrus Vastgoed Ontwikkeling. And of course, we also simply made a good offer for the tender of the municipality Best. ”

Solar cells on the roof of the complex, a partly covered private car park allowing even more solar cells to be placed AND we don’t use natural gas; it all contributes to sustainability. Despite the rising building prices, this new construction project is very interesting for the investor. “Leaving the money in the bank hardly yields anything with the low interest rate. Whereas rental income is very constant, certainly this kind of future-proof housing, “says Heynen.

The complex will, despite the fact that it contains 36 apartments, certainly not look dull or straightforward. On the contrary. “The design is playful, characteristic with beautiful masonry and various color schemes” Heynen explains. “All apartments have a spacious balcony, the ground-floor homes come with a small garden. There is a private parking space for everyone, which is included in the rent.” The apartment complex also has a lift and the storage rooms are located on the ground floor, so it is also easily accessible to the elderly or to people with a physical disability. The size varies between 60 and 80 m2, each apartment has 2 bedrooms.

The exact rental prices will be published by the end of this year. People who are interested can check out the website.


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