Ron Koreman, about history and details

ron koreman and granddaughter

“I like to describe something eXACTLY,” says Ron. “When I write about an old-fashioned bicycle key that is put into the lock and then turned, I want the readersĀ  to HEAR that sound.” I myself still remember that dry, metallic sound like I just unlocked my bike. Ron’s way of writing (FaceBook-page BestBekeken) shows a dry sense of humour and always makes me laugh.

On this page he shows things we all remember from the past: Brabantia storage containers, old-fashioned bicycle seats but also old photographs of Best. A lot op people comment on his posts. Ron carefully reads them and removes all the commercial messages. “Yes, they are there. People are tempted to put it in because they know I have about 3000 followers.”

Ron posts something almost every day, often with historical pictures of Best. A lot has changed over the last couple of years.”They sure know how to use that wrecking ball over here!”

Are there still enough pictures to show to us? “Well,” says Ron, “I’m quite sure a lot of people have very nice pictures of Best in their private collection, of course, an awful lot of photos in the possession of people here, but yes, try to move them with me! That does not always work.” But recently, because of his collaboration with the Heritage Association Dye van Best, he can also draw on their extensive photo collection. So for the moment, Ron can take a step forward to say the least.

People do share their experiences when he shows “things from the past”. “Especially when it comes to interiors. Because in the past all houses were arranged in the same way. A sofa here, a sideboard there and on the wall a bamboo-rack to put plants in. It all looks so familiar to people, they just HAVE to react to that!”

He used to draw a lot, as a little boy; cartoons and comics. He tried to depict how people are, what they want to achieve and what they stand for. “I started doing that when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. I made thousands of them. First for fun, later for my company. “Ron was far ahead of his time, because nowadays it is hip (is that even a hip word by the way?) to make drawings during a brainstorming session. Because a picture says more than a 1000 words.

Drawing has disappeared in the background with Ron, the writing has taken its place. He now has four books to his name, completely different in character. From children’s trousers (written together with his granddaughter!) To historical novel, but also an exciting story that plays in the Dordogne and a book about a wasp that can scan dreams.

The book entitled Refugee HBM.K 15620 is based on the past of his own father, which partly took place in Poland. From reading letters and visiting Poland Ron learned how his father managed to escape from a concentration camp during the Second World War. “That must have been a very traumatic experience, but my father never spoke about it. He could not or would not share it” according to Ron. “After my book was discussed in the NRC-newspaper, I received almost 400 emails from people who experienced the same with one of their familiy members. It must have been horrible to not be able to talk about your traumas. There was just no compassion those days, you just had to figure it all out yourself. My father was sent to New Guinea already after four years after the Second World War!”

I hope Ron will write many more books. Check his website here!


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