My Content Writing Services:

Interactive Acts-Wilma Vervoort-Tekstschrijver-Content Schrijven-collaborative Writing-WilmaTHIS is me. My passion and mission is to translate YOUR message into appealing and unique content. It doesn’t matter whether you need it for online or offline purposes.

Below please find some examples of the services I offer. I’m looking forward to working with you. You can contact me to find out more.

I’m a journalist and a professional blogger as well. Just check out Menopause Magician and InAndOutOfAfrica if you feel like getting to know a bit more about me.

Care Free Content Subscriptions

Copywriter Content Writing Wilma Vervoort Interactive Acts Webdesign SEOEvery now and then you realise you have to put “something” on your social media channels. You don’t have the time to write something unique so you start Googling and finally find something more or less related to your own activities. So you copy the link to your Social Media channel. There! You’ve done it!

Well, what you’ve done is paying the author a huge favor. You just gave him some nice Google juice. But you yourself? Nada. I know it’s a hell of a job to come up with original topics and content when there’s so much on your plate already. Shall I help you out? I’m sure we can figure out a way that benefits the both of us. Just contact me and let’s start talking! Check out the webshop and Facebook Company Page of one of my customers. He started from scratch, didn’t even have a personal login on Facebook! Now, his webshop is thriving!

Writing blogs:

Blogs Wilma Vervoort Content WritingBlogs play an important role when it comes to getting a high ranking in Google. They must be unique, relevant and contain the right keywords.

When you regularly post these blogs on your website you will quickly be considered an expert. It gives you a lot of credibility. Blogs are a part of the Care Free Content subscription I offer.

Writing website content:

Relevant, unique, nice-to-read, containing the right keywords … that is in short how website content should be. Google will applaud you for it and give you a high ranking.

You can give a try yourself, but maybe it’s better and cheaper if you hire someone who has built up quite some experience doing it. So you can spend your precious time on something else. Contact me and let’s find out how we can work together.

Translations Wilma Vervoort Interactive Acts Webdesign Content Scrhijven SEOTranslations:

Translating a document? Big deal! And .. no problems. You just let Google Translate do the job. Or not?

Just ask yourself … does it still make sense? If you want to use the text just for yourself it’s probably fine. As soon as it’s meant for someone else, I beg to differ.

The whole idea of a good translation is that the message is as clear as a bell and as sharp as a knife. No translation machine can fix that for you. I can. Contact me. I’m specialised in English and Dutch.

Content writing SEO Tekstschrijver Wilma VervoortPress releases:

When you have some important news you want to share, preferably with the whole world, a press release might be a good way to fix it. Short yet powerful press releases, distributed over the internet are quite powerful and can boost your ranking in Google.

I can write them for you AND have them distributed and published as well.


Articles Columns Advertorials Newspaper

Content Writer Wilma Vervoort Interactive Acts Webdesign Content ScrhijvenNo matter what document or text you need, I can write it for you. Just let me know what you’re looking for.

Look at that paper on the left. That’s one I made for one of my customers. When you want to hit a local market this is the perfect way to do it. I can take care of the whole process so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Proofreading, editing

It’s quite difficult to evaluate your own text or to find those small mistakes. If it is intended for online use, there is also another dimension to it: the use of the right keywords so that it becomes real “SEO content”. Think of manuals, reports, quotations, presentations, etc. I’m happy to help you out and comment on your documents.

Copy Writer Journalist Wilma Vervoort Interactive Acts Webdesign Content Scrhijven SEOConducting interviews:

An interview with a supplier, a satisfied customer or yourself? As a journalist, I know how to help you out.