Sisley skin care, sooooooo good!


Ever been to Pour Vous Perfumeshop Sorelle at Boterhoek (Best)? If not, you should really pay them a visit! It’s run by 2 sisters, they are professional and qualified and at least they don’t pull off boring sales tricks.

Some time ago, they offered me a free Sisley-facial. Obviously, the Sisley-person performing that facial will start telling you all about their products, but well, that just comes with the package.

So I went there and man! it was just wonderful!! I must confess I expected the products to smell (as I use to call it): healthy! You know, a bit like medicine because that is often the case when all ingredients are pure and botanical. And Sisley happens to be the first brand ever using botanical and plants extracts.

Anyway, nothing wrong with the smell, it was just delicious! And Sisley’s Wilma van den Wildenberg did a good job! First I got a cleansing face scrub followed by two masks: one around the eyes and one on the remaining part of my face: a Black Rose cream mask. My absolute favourite! All products felt really comfortable and fresh and my skin became nice and soft.

And as a bonus, I received all kinds of samples, for face and hair! I’m going to use those this week. The products Wilma used during the facial: Gel Nettoyant Gommant, Masque Creme a la Rose Noire and Masque Contour des Yeux.

Want to find out yourself? Just visit Sorelle at Boterhoek 24, Best. Of course you can also check out Sisley’s website by clicking here.


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