Toer de Boer Best charity event June 10th 2018

toer de boer charity June 10 2018

Bring it on! Toer de Boer for charity, this Sunday June 10 between 10.30 and 16.00.

It is already the third time this event is being organized in collaboration with ZLTO Best.
A bicycle route of 26 km has been set out (the same length as the ascent of the Mont Ventoux!),
which runs along a number of agricultural companies around Best.
These farmers will open their doors to the public which offers a great opportunity to get acquainted
with the ins and outs of these companies.
It will be Fun, educational and also delicious, because … at every point you get a delicious bite!

Imagine coffee with apple pie, little pancakes with powdered sugar,
a filled wrap and even more coffee and cakes. Event fee costs € 10 per adult and € 5 per child
and all proceeds are donated to a good cause.

So how does it work? The cycle route starts at either one of the participating companies,
You just buy the participation card, receive the map and of course a stamp card for the goodies you get on the way.
You can take off from the following companies:
Care farm De Hagelaar – visit Tiendenschuur. Hagelaarweg 21 Best
Dairy farm fam. Scheepers – visit oldest farm by Heritage club Dye van Best. Oirschotseweg 117 Best.


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